I have never loved any other place more than our very own Kodaikanal. Thanks to my buddies Dennis aka “Danish”, “Big Foot”, “Big Daddy” and Vivian aka “Thenga” (Tamil for Coconut), “Coco Naka”, “Toddy Spotter”, Cele“Britney”, “Drum-a-holic” Drummer for hooking me up with her way back in 2008.

Kodai 130

Although this place has a reputation to be a honeymooner’s paradise and if you’re wondering what we boys were doing there? Let me show you the other side of this magnificent hill station before you conjure some more perverted thoughts.

The princess of hills is mystical, like a scene taken straight out of the TV show “Vikings”. There are numerous waterfalls, caves, lakes and is every trekker’s dream locale.

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We were in search for the elusive solitude from the tourists and found it at “Vatakanal” which is about 6 kms from the town. You’re surrounded by pear orchards and pine forests. The trek down to “Dolphin’s Nose” and “Raja’s Seat” is not something for the faint hearted but challenging nonetheless.

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While we were trekking we bumped into “Sonata” a Russian fire dancer. She decides to showcase her skills. We danced, drank, happy vibes all around.

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While I was tending to my business, an animal with white socks sneaked up on me. Much to my horror, the Bison was looking straight at me and was just a few feet away. I ran for my life, tripping on everything around.

‘Coconut’ on the other hand had more pressing matters to attend to. The rum we bought from Bangalore was stolen. It was crucial, as the locally available booze was like horse pee. Seeking retribution, the Sherlock in him arose, as he hatched a plan to turn the tables on “John – The Stealer”. We distracted John and in utter stealth mode, broke into his room and got our rum back.

Manavanur & Kookal: 40kms from Kodai town and 5 kms apart, are tiny hamlets of terrace farmers within the reserve forest. Beware of the forest ranger at the check post. He will confiscate all your booze and smokes with his red eyes and alcohol laced breath. Mannavanur Lake, Kookal lake and its caves are the highlights.

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It’s been almost 10 years and we’re still going strong! What started as an infatuation, has now become a full fledged alliance.

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Until next time my love….

Ending PIc

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